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Regular dose of hiphop, wonky grooves and soul music provided by DTonate & Pauser. Always check for new episodes on!

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Epizody 22

It's been a hot minute, Pauser's back with the funk to ease you through to the other side of the crazy times we're living through.
před 1 rok. 1 h 17 min
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome on board our brand new guest who releases his next mixtape on Oooh! Podcast — DJ Chocolatic. If you’re ready for some future funk goodness, step right up!
před 6 let. 1 h 28 min
DJ Gasta, Olomouc’s funk stalwart throwing it down once more in this live recorded set. Don’t sleep on this mix, no fillers all winners.
před 7 let. 1 h 17 min
For De La Soul, 3 was the magic number, but Pauser has sprinkled the magic dust again all over number 6 in the After Hours series. A mix that is tighter than a gnat’s chuff and funkier than a mosquito’s tweeter.
před 7 let. 49 min
DTonate switches it up with the latest refreshing installment on Oooh. A veritable smorgasbord of beats, supadupa outernational business and 5 homegrown previously unreleased tracks from DTonate, Stratasoul and Pauser. A mix fit for a Presidential inaugur...
před 8 let. 51 min
Jackson 5’s Blame it on the Boogie is a real old chestnut which never fails, but we shouldn’t forget the twist which the first lady of Czech soul gave to it with her version.
před 8 let. 4 min
Our teutonic colleagues Hausaggregat conjured up this classy und rare mix especially for Oooh! Podcast and your listening pleasure, evoking late 1980s NYC with one foot firmly in present-day Berlin.
před 8 let. 57 min
This tune was originally made for Paulie Garand for his latest album. However, I named this instrumental version ‚A Little Light‘ and I’m giving it away just like that. Download now! Cheers, D.
před 8 let. 3 min
Are you hungry? Not had lunch yet? Gasta has prepared a two hour instant gastronomical delight. Just pour into a mug, add hot water and bon appetite.
před 9 let. 1 h 55 min
During a flight of passion to NYC it would be a crime to miss out digging through the delights of Manhattans vinyl emporiums. You don’t need to be Kojak to catch the beat listening to this mix from Pauser, the most-qualified of Oooh! graduates as he conti...
před 9 let. 57 min